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Join us!

Join True Alum and current Westminster Midfielder, Gavin Piva, for small group skill and positional trainings this summer in July and August. Each session will be limited to a maximum of 10 players per session. Players can join for one, some or all sessions.

Focuses will include: position specific footwork, position specific dodging mechanics, defensive mechanics as it relates to positional situations, strength work, conditioning work and overall positional lacrosse IQ.

HS session from 1-2pm will be more focused on offensive skill work, however it is highly recommended for both short sticks and long poles.

Drills include:
-Figure 8 focused towards learning how to finish close in front with both hands.
-Ally Dodger Drill which works on shooting on the run and shot placement for midfielders.
-Ladder Footwork to Shot - position specific design.
-22 Man U running; time focused running emphasizing consistent pace of play.
-Fly Out D Footwork that emphasizes defensive spacing and field location when playing short or long stick defense.
-Invert Dodger Drill that incorporates dodging from behind for middies and attackman.


Indian Hills Middle School
1180 E Sanders Rd
Sandy, UT 84094

Tuesday and Thursdays
(7/14, 7/16, 7/21, 7/23, 7/28, 7/30, 8/4, 8/6)

1pm-2pm  All High Schoolers
2pm-3pm Youth Attack
3pm-4pm Youth Midfield
5pm-6pm Youth Defense

$25 per session or $150 for all sessions