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Wasatch Winter Invitational

Mason  Poage

Mason Poage

Utah State Director

Phone: (573) 268-5724


Location of Event: 

- Sports City, Draper UT 

Dates of Event: 

- February 17th & 18th 

Cost Per Team: 

$1300      (Deposits are available) 

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The Wasatch Winter Invitational is the very first Box Lacrosse tournament held in the state of Utah. 

After huge amounts of success this past year with our box teams. Ourselves and USBOXLA would like to bring a full box tournament to Utah. This two-day event will feature the top programs from all over the West & Midwest competing in a full-style box tournament. 

Teams will be guaranteed 4 games during the 2-day event

Wasatch Winter Invitational is a Boys only event. 


The US Box Lacrosse Association is proud to announce a partnership with Travel Team USA as the official hotel coordinator for Wasatch Winter Invitational.

Travel Team USA has secured room blocks for all of the out of town teams participating in the Wasatch Winter Invitational . Participating teams must use Travel Team USA for their hotel needs. Acceptance and participation is contingent upon use of this service. Please do not contact hotels directly as team reservations must be made via the Travel Team USA website. Team reservations will not be accepted if calling the hotel directly.

>>>Book your rooms using this link<<<

National Account Manager Emily Youngs will also work directly with clubs to make sure your accommodation requests are met.

Emily Youngs

National Account Manager 
Travel Team USA
P: 585.347.4915
F: 585.217.9154


We are trying to explain the teams who use the USBOXLA age/team break down as well as those teams who do not. Below you will see both grad year and USBOXLA terminology listed for this event. 

5/6 (2024/2025. ~ Pee Wee) - $1300

7/8 (2023/2022. ~ Bantam) - $1300

High School A (2021/2020. ~ Midget) - $1300

High School Elite ( 2019 / 2018 HS - $1,300

What to Expect


**We will play USBOXLA rules with USBOXLA certified refs**

All players need to have a USBOXLA membership ($20 weekend warrior, or $45 yearly fee) to compete in the VBI.

All teams will play in at least 4 games (top seeds will play more games)

Championship format tournament

There is 10 seconds to clear the defensive half of the field.

There is 30 second shot clock.

Games ending with a tie score are decided by shootout. 

Box Lacrosse Summary and Rules


  • Five players per side including the goalie. 
  • All players per game must use standard lacrosse sticks 40 to 46 inches in length. Goalies may use a wider mouthed goaltender's stick.
  • There are three 14-minute periods. Each team is allowed 1 time out per game.
  • There is 10 seconds to clear the defensive half of the field.
  • There is 30 second shot clock.
  • Games ending with a tie score are decided by shootout.