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Utah Sting Box Lacrosse

Why Play for the Sting?

The Utah Sting represent the absolute best lacrosse talent currently competing in the state of Utah. 

The program, which includes Pee Wee, Bantam, Midget, and High School, travels across the West and Midwest every year to compete against the country's top talent in box lacrosse exhibition and tournament play. 

Sting players are highly skilled, American-based box lacrosse pioneers who are showing the world that US youth not only play real box lacrosse, they (we) do it well.

With that said, box lacrosse programming is the best place for rapid skill development for players of any ability who have the drive to succeed at a high level. Please do not hesitate to contact our Directors with any questions regarding the program!


Utah Sting Box Lacrosse is a two season box program

"In-Season" and the "Summer Session"

Players can tryout and register for our "In-Season" session.

"Summer Session" registration is invite only based on "In-Season" participation/performance.

Our main "In-Season" program includes: 

22+ Hours of Box Training-Early October through the End of January

Access to the best USBoxLa certifiedTournaments: 
Late December/January
Pee Wee / Bantam / Midget / HS Select - 2 events (NV, UT)
HS Elite- 3 events (NV, OH, UT) 
Access to Team USBoxLa (USA) National Tryouts
Equipment Tutorials
USBoxLA Profile
Additional required items for "In-Season" play:
Box Helmet & Helmet Wrap
Box specific rib pads
Box specific bicep pads
Team Uniform Kit
Our secondary season is the "Summer Sessions."
Participation "In-Season" is the only way to gain access to our "Summer Sessions."

10+ Hours of Box Training from late-June through mid-August 

Summer Box Training Camp (5+hours)

Potential invitation to USBoxLa Nationals (CA) for team competition

PJ Martin

PJ Martin

Utah State Director

Phone: 7193303376

Bruce Pirie

Bruce Pirie

Utah Statel Director, Asst Box Lacrosse Director

Phone: (201)572-3926