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Wellsville Region (Cache/Box Elder County)

Youth preseason Tune Up CLINIC

Dates: 2/19, 2/26, 3/12

Time: 8-9pm

Cost: $45

Youth 2028-2026 & Newer 2025

4th grade through 7th grade & New 8th graders

Youth players will experience a fast paced refresher on necessary fundamentals followed by gritty ground ball work and live play to cement these important basics: 2v1 "man-ball", 2v1 "draw and dump," and "scramble crashing" in broken play defense.

HS Shooting/Positional Clinic

Dates: 2/19, 2/26

Time: 9pm-10pm

Cost: $30

HS 2021-Experienced 2025

12th grade through 9th & 8th graders w/ coach recommendation

High School players will be given repetition and technique driven work in shooting drills and position specific footwork. The aim is to sharpen stick work, dodging/defensive muscle movement patterns and also situational communication. These are core facets to strong individual and team success on a lacrosse field.

PJ Martin

Utah State Director

Phone: (719)330-3376

Wellsville Waterdogs Home Page

True Utah's Northern-most regional home base featuring the most competitive lacrosse training environment for players from Cache Valley, Box Elder and Bear River in Utah, along with players who travel from eastern Idaho and Jackson Hole. Formerly the "Mountain Region," we have adopted regional names and logos for each local training base. We have chosen the Wellsville Waterdogs as the Wellsville mountains are a prominent landmark that sits on the shared border of both Cache and Box Elder counties. This range represents some of the steepest slopes in all of the State. The tough, steep terrain represents the tough ethic and driving motivation that these lacrosse communities aim at their development and growth. Along with the mountains, the waterways of the north easternmost Utah, Bear River and Bear Lake (yes, Rich county – but still a staple!) serve to represent some of the best the area and Utah has to offer. These waterways connect the people of both counties recreationally, economically and culturally! Bear River feeds the earth and the industry while Bear Lake adventures feed the spirit. The Waterdog mascot both notes this and jumps on the recent PLL bandwagon, while giving us a visual for the gritty, team oriented, hard-working athletes from the region! Wellsville Waterdogs - welcome to the True Family!

See the summer schedules below!

Event Schedule



Wellsville Waterdogs Youth



May  18, 2021 to July 1st, 2021

5:00pm-6:00pm Tiny True Wellsville Mini-Dogs - K-4th

6:00pm-7:30pm Middle School - 5th-8th Grade

7:00pm-8:30/9:00pm HS Program - 9th-11th (12th training only)

Thursday - Regional Scrimmages in June 2-3 dates, TBD

Cache County 55s Lacrosse League

Not your ordinary lacrosse league. The Cache County 55s is designed as a training-minded, live play experience.

-There will be limited slots at each age group and players sign up to be part of a player pool.

- Each session will feature a short, 15 minute training focused section, followed by live 5v5 lacrosse games. 

- During live play (most of the session) is it 7 players to a team, teams will shuffle from session to session.